The Perplexed Characters of Laapata

The Perplexed Characters of Laapata

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We as an audience always want to watch characters on screen that we can easily connect to and the ones that have more real-life examples so we do not just watch the fictionalized roles but can actually relate to them, get inspiration from and learn lessons from.

Before diving into the topic of our discussion today, let us get your attention towards the cast of the drama, which features a star-studded cast of Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Gohar Rasheed. Having all these phenomenal actors together on the stage is nothing but just a dream come true for all fans.

<span”>Geeti; “The Tiktoker”

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This character has grabbed the most amount of attention from fans! Ayeza’s role has been trending ever since the first look was revealed. The reason to includes, her impressive acting skills, her mesmerizing looks but above all is the relativity with today’s generation, and the repetition of the iconic roles of history. This is one of the roles that will always stay alive, and the touch of Geeti’s jolly nature would just add more fun to the story.

We are eagerly waiting to see what her role will add to the story and how her chemistry with her co-stars appears on the screen.

<span”>Daniyal; “The Mystery Guy”


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We have all noticed one thing since the start of the promotions of the drama, that is, “why has Gohar not appeared in the OST video”, “why has Gohar not been seen in any of the teasers” and all the possible “whys” related to Gohar’s mystery character in the show. One picture of him has been revealed till now and that too on the HUM TV Instagram page, where he is dressed up in a fancy suit, standing with Sarah Khan and Ali Reman Khan. But is one post enough for fans who are really looking forward to his character?
This suspense is creating a lot of buzz and making all the fans curious. Stick around for further updates of this character and the drama, in hope that we might get to know something! But would we? Soon  Hopefully!

<span”>Shams; “The Poker Guy”


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The character that is the most unrolled one out of all! If you have watched all the teasers, one commonality is that Shams, who is being played by Ali Rehman Khan, has been seen in all of them and each one of them shows a different trait of his. In one of the teasers, he is seen expressing his love for Falak, in the other, he is shown making promises to Geeti for their future together, in the third one he is seen as a guy who has big dreams that he chooses to fulfill by winning at Poker game nights.

All those different traits don’t only show Ali Rehman’s versatility in acting but confuse us, as we are unable to detremine his role and know his relationship with both the female leads of the drama!

Is this going to be a love triangle? Is Shams going to be the connecting point between Geeti and Falak? Or will Ali Rehman Khan and Gohar Rasheed would have separate stories with Ayeza Khan and Sarah Khan? For all these questions to be answered, we’ll just have to continue watching the drama and see how the story progresses!

<span”>Falak; “The Badminton Player”


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We have seen Sarah Khan in diverse roles in the past and Laapata won’t be any different. As a badminton player, her character in the drama would have many more lessons but, right off the bat, what we are learning from her is that sports in Pakistan for girls should be normalized.

Apart from that, we have seen Falak sharing screen with Shams as romantic partners, where she is seen playing a role that is ambitious and courageous, not ready to set her dreams less of a priority.

What do you think a badminton player would bring to the story, where all the lead characters are coming from different backgrounds? What would be more interesting to watch; Falak’s romantic side with Shams or Falak as a badminton player?

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