Dagh e Dil – Last Episode

Dagh e Dil – Last Episode

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Beginning with the flashbacks from the past, Dagh e Dil revolved around the interwoven stories from the past and present of the two families. A tragic play of fate where Hashim and Mahnoor fell in love, unaware of the shadows that lurk from the histories of their families, which will change the course of their lives completely.

With stupendous performances by Asad Siddiqui, Nawal Saeed, Gohar Mumtaz and others Dagh e Dil hooked everyone to their screen since the beginning. The character development of both Hashim and Mahnoor, played phenomenally by Asad and Nawal respectively, has been portrayed artistically accurate. The conundrums and situations that led their individual identities towards change, both inevitable and drastic, was intricated beautifully in the series.

As the story proceeded, defying all odds, Mahnoor left everything behind to fulfil her love and promises to Hashim, while he only waited to avenge the past of his mother. As he played his card of revenge from her father onto her, Mahnoor’s entire world changes in a second. The tragedies and turbulences that she went thorough made her walk through hell, but made her stronger than ever. Hashim had his breakdowns and repentances too, but all in vain.

In last few episodes, the trek of the story shifted towards Mahnoor’s pursuit of finding her daughter and how the play of fate has landed her into Hashim’s lap. As the battle of the two continued through the court of law, the anticipation of resolution hangs tenderly in the air as the audience await the final episode of the heart wrenching drama. To discern the ending of the intriguing story, watch the last episode of Dagh e Dil, tonigh at 9 pm, only HUM TV.

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