Fairy Tale a resonating success  – In conversation with the Director Ali Hassan

Fairy Tale a resonating success – In conversation with the Director Ali Hassan

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In a rendezvous with the creative genius behind the blockbuster success, “Fairy Tale 1 and 2,” we delve into the mind of the visionary director, Ali Hassan, who brought Umeed, Farjaad, Haya, and Sameer’s stories to life. The director’s keen insights provide a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship that has rivetted audiences and propelled Fairy Tale to a chartbuster status. The phenomenal director’s passion for storytelling becomes immediately evident as we navigate through the inception and evolution of the series.

With “Fairy Tale 1 and 2,” he aimed to create an immersive experience that resonated deeply with viewers. The amalgamation of contrasting temperaments, palpable chemistry, and relatable emotions was meticulously curated to craft an authentic narrative tapestry that strikes a chord with audiences of all walks of life. We asked Ali about the motivation that lead to the idea of a sequel to the celebrated season one? He replied that,

Most importantly, audiences’ response, their love and tremendous anticipation for more, lead to the sequel of the show. The iconic couple of Frajad and umeed garnered so much love, and audience were wanting more of them, hence the sequel was brought forward sooner than expected.

We asked him that the look and feel of the drama is very modern and contemporary, how was the rendition designed? He answered that,

It’s entirely because of the cast, they’re young and fresh minds, it reflect in, and draw the feel of the drama. From the beginning it was decided that the leads of the drama will be youngsters, and the drama will follow their escapades and ambitions along the way, which ultimately lead it to the ether of the drama to be contemporary and crisp.

We asked Ali that which foil character he believes evolved best during the journey from season one to two? He responded that,

The characters of Haya and Sameer have developed into very prominent element of the drama. From their individual spirits to the development of their relationship, everything evidently grew better.

We further asked him about the idea of international comic element in the beginning of season 2? As it garnered a lot of popularity. He added that,

We felt a lot of potential in the character of Nigho, so in order to give that a fresh restart we researched this probability of her attaining these ideas from watching those dramas and imagining situations.

We asked Ali that since it’s a new trend in Pakistan of making sequel of a drama, especially in comic genre, how did you manage the grip over each one of the character’s maturity? He responded that,

It was a collective thought process that all the characters should go through natural development. Since growth is inevitable in life and is demanded from the art as well, so just like normal human beings each one of them evolved in their capacities too. Like the growth of prospects of Kamal Pasha, he tried being a strict parent and now is making changes in his attitude to better approach his children.

He further added,

Also the gradual development of Farjad and Umeed was also completely unforced. This was also reason behind the Cinema recap idea, to summarize and reevaluate the journeys of everyone.

We asked the maestro director about his transition from directing serious genre to rom-com, and how did it turn out for him? To which he replied that,

It was quite the change, I was reluctant to go for the comic genre at first, but the journey began from Paristan, and for Fairy Tale it was different because most of us, team members, had a strong camaraderie and understanding for ages. So belonging from the same region, coming from similar backgrounds, the humor was already there, and grew very organically, which made the comic element of Fairy Tale more natural and spontaneous than scripted, which also gave us a lot of room to improvise on set. 

He further added,

But the best part about Fairy Tale 2 is the sheer positivity oozing out from each one of the member of the team, that also reflects in the overall outlook of the show.

Unveiling the curtain on the show’s monumental success, the director cites the unwavering dedication of the cast and crew as a driving force. From the gripping script, to the painstakingly detailed set designs, each element was honed with precision to ensure an unforgettable viewing experience. As fans around the world eagerly anticipate the next mega episode, the director’s words provide a behind-the-scenes look at the passion, creativity, and sheer hard work that have led to the creation of a timeless drama that has etched itself into the hearts of millions.

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