Hadiqa Kianai’s rendition of Nusrat’s masterpiece all set to release

Hadiqa Kianai’s rendition of Nusrat’s masterpiece all set to release

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Stirring the souls of millions across the world with a musical tribute, Hadiqa Kiani is poised to unveil her rendition of the late Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s masterpiece, “Jani Door Gaye.” The teaser for this musical gem has sent ripples of excitement throughout the music world, promising an emotional journey of unparalleled proportions. With Hadiqa Kiani’s soul-stirring vocals at the helm, this rendition seeks to capture the timeless essence of Ustaad Nusrat’s legacy, reimagining it for a new generation of music enthusiasts.


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Furthermore, “Jani Door Gaye” is set to dazzle audiences not only with its sublime music but also with an appealing visual narrative. Starring the exceptionally talented Hania Aamir and Wahaj Ali, the music video promises to transport viewers into a world of poignant storytelling. The story, crafted around the theme of an inevitable separation and the ethereal union of two souls in different realms, adds a layer of depth to this already powerful tribute. Music aficionados and fans of both Hadiqa Kiani and Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are eagerly awaiting the release of this melody, which is expected to be nothing short of a musical masterpiece. Stay tuned for what promises to be a mesmerizing and unforgettable musical journey.

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