HUM Network echoes the stories of Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

HUM Network echoes the stories of Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

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In the spirit of the month of independence, HUM Network launched the most earnest campaign of HumSe Pakistan, as a tribute to the uncommon common people of Pakistan. From releasing a touching TVC, to recording multiple interviews of ordinary citizens of Pakistan doing the most extraordinary work silently, HumSe Pakistan encompassed everything conforming the narrative.

The moving TVC showed the common citizens of the state doing the right thing even when no one was watching, and all workers and officers doing the best for the nation in their own capacities. The campaign highlighted the significance of these everyday heroes adding to the success of the nation and constructing a better future for all. The narrative underlined that a passerby that goes unnoticed could be the one who saved a child’s life, or the one who keeps the avenues safe, it might be the one who keeps the streets clean, or the one who helps fulfil the dreams. These nameless heroes of our society, are the true spirit of persistence succeeding the freedom.

HUM Network took up the mantle of bringing these nameless heroes to limelight, and share their stories on channel’s every platform throughout the month. The brilliant campaign continues to honor the efforts of every single unit of the society, contributing their best for the fruit of success as collective strength. The moto, Tum se, Mujh se, HumSe Pakistan, embodies the spirit of collective conviction and the change it can bring for the fate of nation.

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