HUM Upcoming Attractions : Jhok Sarkar & Neem

HUM Upcoming Attractions : Jhok Sarkar & Neem

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Resuming the legacy of uninterrupted entertainment, HUM Network is all set to enthral its audience once again, with two riveting masterpieces in the making. Jhok Sarkar and Neem, the two latest projects of HUM Network are on their way to your screens. The gripping stories encompassing the discourse of Feudalism, justice, empathy, and characters strive for redemption and change will keep you hooked to your screens.

Produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions both the projects deal with the discourse of power exploitation and influence. While in conversation with the director of Jhok Sarkar, Mr. Saife Hassan, we asked him about the motivation behind the project and the challenges he had to face throughout the endeavor. According to him, “It was just like a dream, like the dream that justice will prevail one day and brutality will be eradicated. This venture is a projection, of manifestation of that dream.”

He further stated that, “Challenges are always new with every new project, with this one, many things contributed to make it closer to reality and divergent from the other projects. The location, scorching heat from the desert and managing a large number of actors was all equally challenging as it’ll be aesthetically pleasing.”

We also asked him about the most exciting thing for him about this project and the message he would like to give to the audience. He believed that, “It’s always exciting to experiment with new and challenging genres, after subsequent milestones including romance, horror fiction and moral arts, this new genre of crime fiction is equally exhilarating. My message to the audience will be, that they should watch this series for the element that it’ll bring a ray of hope and light in these times of adversities.”

As the teasers and promos of Jhok Sarkar surface through the digital platforms, the lead character Arsalan, played phenomenally by Farhan Saeed, appears to be the upcoming heroic sensation of the country. The virtuous robust man, attired in the signifying forces uniform, emerges to be on a mission with utmost valor and determination to eradicate the injustice prevailed around his new grounds.

Similarly, the noticeable characters of Neem are also here to leave a mark on your hearts. The resolute character of Zimal, played remarkably by Mawra Hussain, is an embodiment of determination and duty. With the drive for greater good and selflessness while working for it, makes Zimal the female lead we were all waiting for.

The renowned director Shahzad Kashmiri, also shared his insights on the creative process behind his latest project Neem. With years of experience in the industry and numerous successful projects under his belt, including Parizaad, his perspective offers valuable insights into the art of principled entertainment.

According to him, “The undertaking of this project is to spread awareness about the importance of education and spark discussion on the possibilities of making it happen at all costs. The purpose of entertainment should also serve as a moral lesson for the larger masses, as the medium more often used in the modern times are TV screens. So we have made an effort to highlight the discourse of education-for-all, again.” He also mentioned that, “The time we spend in front of our screens should be more productive than redundant, for that we have crafted this project with a loud message and imperative content, that the whole family can watch together.”

The two blockbusters in the making, are all set to grace your screens next week. Neem and Jhok Sarkar will make their appearance on your TV screens, from 5th and 6th June respectively. The epitomes of entertainment will be aired once a week only on HUM TV. Get ready to embark on a journey full of suspense, thriller, action and definitive entertainment with a thoughtful rooting for moral lessons exceptionally curated for you by HUM TV, fulfilling the promise of thoughtful content and absolute entertainment.

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