Kitni Girhain Baki Hain: A Sight into the Veracities of Society

Kitni Girhain Baki Hain: A Sight into the Veracities of Society

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Television series have always served as a powerful mirror, reflecting society’s complexities and intricacies. “Kitni Girhain Baki Hain,” by HUM TV, is set to return on September 7th, offering viewers a unique anthology format that delves into the human condition, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by women across diverse social strata. This series’ essence lies in its anthology format, where each episode unveils a distinct narrative while highlighting the common thread of societal expectations and constraints. The stories featured in the series are not just snapshots of real-life situations; they are thought-provoking tales with unexpected twists that compel us to think deeper.

One of the stories, named “Wajood,” will delve into the complexities and betrayals that can fester within married relationships. This narrative holds a mirror to countless couples who grapple with the masks they wear in their marriages, offering a stark portrayal of the consequences of concealing one’s true self. Another story, “Dhaga” will shed light on the immense pressure placed on young women to marry into affluence, often to provide for their own families. This story will be a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by numerous women as they navigate the labyrinth of societal expectations.

Another episode, “First Position” delves into the realm of academic pressure, a topic highly relevant in a world where success is relentlessly pursued. The tragic story of a child who succumbs to the unbearable burden of expectations from the father, leading to depression and ultimately death, serves as a stark commentary on the ruthless competition within educational systems and pressure of performance by the family. The fourth story addresses domestic violence, depicting the harrowing tale of a woman facing physical abuse from her husband for failing to make a perfectly round roti. This narrative underscores how even the simplest tasks can become instruments of suffering when entwined with the chains of societal norms. The protagonist’s journey to master the art of making a “gol roti” becomes a symbol of her resilience, culminating in her courageous decision to seek a divorce and assert her independence.

The cast of “Kitni Girhain Baki Hain” comprises a talented ensemble, including Amar Khan, Sonya Hussain, Madiha Imam, Muneeb Butt, Syed Jibran Ali, Rubina Ashraf, Haroon Shahid, and many others. Their performances breathe life into these intricate narratives, adding depth and authenticity to the stories. “Kitni Girhain Baki Hain,” a production by HUM TV, is not just a television series; it is a mirror reflecting the multifaceted struggles faced by individuals, particularly women, in a society filled with expectations and constraints. By unraveling these stories with depth and sensitivity, the series encourages viewers to question societal norms and conventions that often dictate our lives. Watch “Kitni Girhain Baki Hain” every Thursday, 8pm from 7 September, only on HUM TV.

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