Meesha Shafi  Bonds with ‘Ms. Marvel’s’ Iman Vellani at TIFF

Meesha Shafi Bonds with ‘Ms. Marvel’s’ Iman Vellani at TIFF

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Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi recently made a vibrant appearance at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), standing in solidarity with fellow Pakistani talents gracing the festival’s cinema screens this year. With a warm smile and unwavering support, Meesha connected with notable figures like ‘Ms. Marvel’ star Iman Vellani, accomplished actor Ali Kazmi, and the debut director of ‘In Flames,’ Zarrar Kahn. The Muaziz Saarif singer took to Instagram to share the vibrant highlights of her Toronto trip, expressing immense pride in the representation and talent displayed at TIFF, underlined with a heartfelt red heart emoji.


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During her visit, Meesha Shafi expressed her delight in supporting Zarrar Kahn as he premiered his directorial debut, ‘In Flames,’ a locally rooted horror story that has been making waves since its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. The film’s narrative revolves around a mother-daughter duo grappling with the resurrection of supernatural beings, uniquely relying on a compelling script and intense sound design to create a chilling cinematic experience. In addition to ‘In Flames,’ TIFF showcased an array of compelling films, including ‘The Queen of my Dreams,’ a Pakistani-Canadian cross-cultural drama that debuted to high anticipation, highlighting Pakistan’s cinematic journey towards critical acclaim and international recognition.

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