Mehwish Hayat Wins Best Actress Award at IPPA

Mehwish Hayat Wins Best Actress Award at IPPA

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In a moment of triumph and eloquence, Mehwish Hayat, a celebrated name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, claimed the prestigious title of “Best Actress” at the 5th International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA) held in Manchester. The award recognized her outstanding performance in the film “London Nahi Jaunga.” Mehwish, known not only for her remarkable acting skills but also for her advocacy of important social issues, used this platform to send a powerful message of unity and hope. She stated, “I have always tried to use my platform to highlight important issues, and this one is close to my heart,” emphasizing the importance of fostering peace and compassion in a world that sometimes grapples with division and conflict.


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In a heartfelt acceptance speech, Mehwish Hayat urged for an open-hearted approach that sees the humanity in one another, emphasizing that peace is attainable when we break down barriers. She eloquently prayed for compassion to prevail over hatred and courage to conquer fear, stressing the need for collective efforts to build a just world characterized by love, peace, and humanity. Her words resonated not only with the audience present at the IPPA Awards but also with her countless admirers worldwide, underlining the influential role that artists can play in advocating for a more harmonious and empathetic world. Mehwish’s heartfelt message will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact beyond the glittering lights of the awards ceremony.

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