Meri Shehzadi – End of the Parable

Meri Shehzadi – End of the Parable

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Winning the hearts with its moving plot, the fantastical tale of Meri Shehzadi emphatically takes its audience back to a 90’s tragedy. Written by Zanjabeel Asim, directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, and produced under the banner of MD Productions, Meri Shehzadi has successfully articulated the story of a young woman aspiring to change the world with love.

Qavi Khan

The upheavals and turbulences of Daniya’s life echo the pain and suspense that you feel you have already been through, but it turns out to be something distinctive in its own ways. As anticipated from the late veteran actors of his caliber, Qavi Khan has delivered an exceptional performance in his role. Portraying a loving grandparent to Dania and a man determined to maintain familial unity, Qavi Khan has skillfully portrayed the intricacies of his character with sophistication, evident through his facial expressions, dialogue delivery, and overall screen presence.

Ali rehman

Falling into the lap of dynastic politics Daniya’s dreams turn into nightmares as she faces the worst of heartbreak and the inevitable silence of hers’ that follows, to save her loved ones from despair. Her in-laws and her father are from a strong feudal political background and their political ambitions drive all of their malevolent deeds. As consequence to that, she is tied to a man who has married her just because his father asked him to do it for political mileage, but does realize that he now has to appease her by coaxing her, but in vain.

Urwa Hocane

Having all the limelight and influence, Daniya stills feels hollow in her heart because of the agonizing absence of love and a sense of family in her life. She longs for “Home” more than anything, which is not essentially a place but a person. In her turmoil and vacillating life, she meets Dr. Hassan, who spurs the prospect of love in her again. All the people in her life, both progressive and destructive, play an important role in the amelioration of her character.

From the sections, where we can see Daniya’s character voicing herself in front of the world, and getting all the love in return, sometimes revulsion too, all we want for her is to have the life she deserves and be happy. But will she get the serenity and love she longs for or there will be something fortuitous waiting for her? Watch the last episode of Meri Shehzadi to find out, airing tonight, 8 pm at HUM TV.

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