Momal Sheikh shares the spiritual experience with family

Momal Sheikh shares the spiritual experience with family

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In an uplifting display of faith and devotion, Pakistani actress Momal Sheikh, along with her family, embarked on a spiritual journey to perform Umrah this year. This blessed opportunity, which they expressed gratitude for with the words “Alhumdulillah,” allowed them to experience a profound connection with Allah and His boundless mercy. The experience of Umrah, often described as surreal, left Momal and her family overwhelmed by their love for Allah and the significance of their journey.


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During their pilgrimage, the family took a moment to pray for the countless struggles faced by the Muslim ummah worldwide. Their heartfelt ibadat (acts of worship) were a testament to their deep sense of solidarity with the global Muslim community. Their fervent hope, as they concluded their Umrah, was for Allah to accept their prayers and grant them the privilege of visiting His sacred house again in the future, reaffirming their commitment to faith and unity within the ummah, inshaAllah.

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