Nadia Jamil Lauds Imran Ashraf for Namak Haram

Nadia Jamil Lauds Imran Ashraf for Namak Haram

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In a delightful exchange on social media, renowned actress Nadia Jamil showered praise on the cast of “Namak Haram,” particularly commending Imran Ashraf for his masterful performance in the drama. Taking to her Instagram story, Nadia expressed her admiration, stating, “Loving Namak Haram. Imran Ashraf, you have performed masterfully. As usual, loving Sara, Babar Ji, and you in it.” Her words of appreciation not only highlighted Imran’s acting prowess but also acknowledged the collective brilliance of the entire cast.


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Imran Ashraf, visibly touched by Nadia Jamil’s words, responded with gratitude on his own Instagram story. He expressed his joy at receiving such praise, stating, “Coming from you is an award.” The exchange not only reflects the camaraderie and support within the entertainment industry but also underscores the impact of Imran Ashraf’s performance in “Namak Haram,” resonating not only with audiences but also earning recognition from his peers. As the drama continues to entertain viewers, the positive feedback from seasoned actors like Nadia Jamil adds another layer of validation to the success of the drama. “Namak Haram.” airs every Friday, 8 pm, only on HUM TV.

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