Nadia Khan does not want her daughter to enter Showbiz

Nadia Khan does not want her daughter to enter Showbiz

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Legendary actress of Pakistan, Nadia Khan recently shared her views about letting her daughter into showbiz or not. While discussing in an interview Nadia shared that she always advised her daughter that she should choose a career that is more promising rather than uncertain. She shared that in showbiz the age of the artist matters a lot, while by the age of 40 it’s the prime time for men in the industry, the case for women is exactly the opposite.


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She further added that they even considered a script for her daughter, but then they dallied because she wanted more certain and progressive career for her, one in which with age she’ll achieve more and grow more. She believed that it’s a fact that sometime women have to take few gaps from the work for family and other commitments, it just does not go along well in showbiz industry as “when you’re out of sight, you’re out of might.”  Like any other mother Nadia wants the best for her daughter and shares many posts where she shows her love and affection for her and wants her to be stable and successful in her life.

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