Saba Qamar Expresses Deep Gratitude for Kamli’s Award Win

Saba Qamar Expresses Deep Gratitude for Kamli’s Award Win

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In a heartfelt message to her devoted fan base, the talented actress Saba Qamar poured out her gratitude for the recognition of her work in the critically acclaimed film “Kamli.” The starlet took to social media to share her overwhelming emotions, thanking her fans for their unwavering support throughout her journey. She acknowledged that winning the award was a profound moment and credited her fans for being her constant source of encouragement. Saba expressed her deep appreciation, recognizing that her success was a testament to the incredible teamwork that stood by her side. Saba Qamar’s message also extended to her fellow cast and crew members, emphasizing their collective passion and dedication in making “Kamli” a resounding success.

She acknowledged that this award was not just a personal achievement but a recognition of the collaborative effort that brought the film to life. In a touching gesture, she also thanked director Sarmad Khoosat for his belief in her and for entrusting her with the role of Hina, acknowledging the rollercoaster emotional journey they had embarked on together. As the actress expressed her pride and humility for their accomplishments, she left fans with a hopeful note for more unforgettable stories and shared moments in the future, signing off with heartfelt wishes of peace and love. Saba Qamar’s gratitude truly reflected the humility and teamwork that underpinned her remarkable success in the world of cinema.

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