Saba Qamar pays tribute to the iconic actress Reema

Saba Qamar pays tribute to the iconic actress Reema

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Saba Qamar, known for her remarkable performances in Pakistani cinema, recently paid a heartwarming tribute to the legendary actress Reema Khan. This touching moment unfolded at the prestigious HUM 22nd Lux Style Awards 2023, where Saba Qamar took to the stage to perform on one of Reema’s iconic songs who later also joined her on stage filling the ether with cheers. The audience was fascinated by Saba’s emotional and skillful rendition, and it was a touching tribute to an icon who has left an indelible mark on the industry.


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Reema Khan, often referred to as the “Queen of Lollywood,” is celebrated for her contributions to Pakistani cinema, and Saba Qamar’s tribute was a poignant reminder of the impact she has had on the industry. This heartfelt gesture not only showcased the deep respect and admiration Saba has for Reema but also underlined the sense of unity and reverence that exists within the Pakistani entertainment community. The gesture will undoubtedly be remembered for this touching tribute, which served as a bridge between generations of remarkable actresses, ensuring that Reema Khan’s legacy continues to shine in the hearts of both artists and fans alike.

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