Shoaib Akhtar meets the popular Doppelganger

Shoaib Akhtar meets the popular Doppelganger

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Former international cricketer Shoaib Akhtar recently had a lighthearted encounter with his self-proclaimed doppelgänger, Vinita Khilnani. The amusing incident unfolded in America, where Shoaib shared a video on his social media platforms with an air of drama, announcing that he had “finally caught the culprit.” In the video, he introduced Vinita Khilnani, who had playfully drawn comparisons between herself and the famed Rawalpindi Express on her social media.

With a messy brown wig adorning her head, Vinita appeared a bit sheepish as she nervously greeted the audience. Shoaib playfully referred to her as the “female version” of himself and praised her for the entertaining content she had been creating. The entire encounter began when Vinita initially posted meme-worthy photos of her face superimposed onto Shoaib’s in images from his cricketing days, humorously asking her followers, “So everyone is saying I look like this man?” She then playfully mimicked Shoaib’s iconic run towards the pitch and his arms-wide-open celebration after taking a wicket, leaving her followers in stitches.


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This comical crossover of talents and personalities added an amusing twist to Shoaib Akhtar’s journey and showcased the fun and lighthearted side of the cricketing legend. It’s yet another example of how social media can bring people together for delightful and unexpected moments of humor and connection.

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