Sonya Hussyn participated in Mental Health Awareness event

Sonya Hussyn participated in Mental Health Awareness event

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In a display of compassion and commitment to a pressing global issue, actress Sonya Hussyn recently participated in a significant event dedicated to promoting mental health awareness. The event, which coincided with “World Mental Health Day,” aimed to shed light on the gravity of mental health concerns in today’s world, with a special focus on the challenges faced in her home country. In a poignant message, Sonya emphasized the urgency of engaging in open and constructive conversations about mental health, erasing the stigma surrounding it, and, most importantly, cultivating kindness toward one another, underscoring that it forms the very core of our shared humanity.


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The event, thoughtfully organized by Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), received accolades for its noble initiative. Sonya Hussyn, expressing her deep honor at being part of this meaningful gathering, emphasized the pressing need to highlight mental health issues, as many individuals often grapple with the difficulty of voicing their struggles. Her participation and advocacy for mental health awareness serve as a poignant reminder that compassion, understanding, and dialogue are indispensable in our collective efforts to address the vital matter of mental health and promote the well-being of individuals within society.

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