Urwa Hussain guides a troll about reusing clothes and sustainability

Urwa Hussain guides a troll about reusing clothes and sustainability

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Urwa Hussain, the radiant mommy-to-be, recently displayed not just her elegance but also her commitment to sustainability in a classy response to a troll’s comment. The incident occurred on a heartwarming Instagram post where Urwa wished her mother a happy birthday, accompanied by adorable pictures. A troll questioned her choice of clothing, asking, “how many times will you repeat this dress?” In response, Urwa displayed grace and wit by saying, “As many times as I want to & until it is good enough to be re-used.”

She went on to encourage the troll and her followers to consider reusing their clothes, emphasizing the financial and time-saving benefits of this eco-friendly practice. This exchange not only exemplifies Urwa Hussain’s dedication to sustainable living but also serves as a valuable reminder about the importance of reusing clothing in the era of fast fashion.


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Her eloquent response not only defended her fashion choices but also highlighted the broader significance of conscious consumption. Urwa’s message resonates with many who prioritize sustainability and responsible consumer behavior over fleeting materialism. In a world often obsessed with the latest trends, her words serve as a gentle but potent call to shift focus towards more meaningful and sustainable values.

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