Urwa lauds Farhan’s OST from Jhok Sarkar

Urwa lauds Farhan’s OST from Jhok Sarkar

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In a touching display of spousal support, renowned actress Urwa Hocane has taken to social media to heap praise on her husband, Farhan Saeed’s latest musical endeavor, “Meri Matti.” The song serves as the Original Soundtrack (OST) for the popular HUM TV drama serial “Jhok Sarkar.” Urwa Hocane’s heartfelt admiration for the song was evident as she expressed that she couldn’t resist putting it on loop. Notably, the timing of her admiration is fitting, coinciding with the spirit of 14 August, Pakistan’s Independence Day, as “Meri Matti” resonates deeply with the theme of love for the homeland. The actress wrote in her caption, “Meri mitti mera maan hai tu ! PakistanZindabad. Not sure if I have appreciated this song enough. so here it goes one more time – It’s been on the loop for me since it came out in #jhoksarkar ! You touch hearts with your voice and how ! Ever so proud of you !


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“Meri Matti” is a testament to Farhan Saeed’s emotive musical prowess and his ability to capture the essence of patriotism through his vocals. The song’s touching lyrics and soulful composition have struck a chord with listeners, evoking a sense of national pride and nostalgia. Urwa Hocane’s public endorsement of the track further emphasizes the couple’s support for each other’s creative pursuits. As the nation commemorates its independence, “Meri Matti” stands as a melodious tribute to the love and devotion Pakistanis hold for their homeland, encapsulating the sentiments that bind the nation together on this significant occasion.

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