Yunhi – Will Kim and Iqbal let the past repeat itself?

Yunhi – Will Kim and Iqbal let the past repeat itself?

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Most loved by our audience, Yunhi, is a resonating success across the state. The portrayal of fresh narrative and thought-provoking issues, never discussed before, are making a stir in the air. Yunhi is most revered for its discourse on women’s rights in their households and society, the portrayal of determinism for your rights through the lens of Kaneez Fatima is much appreciated by all audiences.

Being the resilient woman she always was, Kim always stood for her rights and choices. Despite getting condemnation from everyone around her, nothing seemed to shake Kim off her foot, and she always stood for everyone’s rights. Now while witnessing the unfair commotion being done with Surriya, Kaneez is all set to stand by her side and save her from the turmoil.

While on a family dinner, we see that the whole family has decided to tie the knot of Surraiya with and Hamid, however, Surraiya is in love with someone else. The thing that bothered Kaneez most was that no one can decide a person’s future without even asking them, in answer to that she is told that this is what has been happening for years and it will continue, which concerned her even more.

We see that Iqbal, who was also a victim of the same fate, has suffered all through her life and is now concerned that the past might repeat itself. She had to face the repercussions of being married to the wrong person and suffered dreadfully for not getting the love of her life. She sees that likewise is going to happen with Surraiya and seems thoughtful of doing something to stop it. Will Kim and Iqbal let the past repeat itself? Or will they succeed to prevent it? To find out, Watch Yunhi every Sunday at 8 pm, only on HUM TV.

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