Zara Noor Abbas shares throwback reel from Covid times

Zara Noor Abbas shares throwback reel from Covid times

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Zara Noor Abbas has recently taken a trip down memory lane, sharing a poignant throwback to the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. She compiled a series of videos that offer a glimpse into her life during those uncertain days. In one of the videos, Zara can be seen dancing in choreography with friends, showcasing the resilience and spirit of finding joy even amidst difficult circumstances. Another clip captures her struggle to sleep, reflecting the restlessness and anxiety that many faced during the height of the pandemic. In a third video, she indulges in a playful game on Snapchat, perhaps as a coping mechanism to alleviate some of the stress that the pandemic brought into people’s lives.

In her heartfelt caption accompanying the video compilation, Zara Noor Abbas candidly expressed her emotions, emphasizing that she’s not a vlogger but had felt compelled to edit and share these moments on YouTube. These archives, as she described them, serve as a repository of the genuine feelings, emotions, and thoughts she experienced during the pandemic, supplemented by touching testimonials from kind-hearted individuals who also navigated these trying times. Zara’s decision to share these personal experiences resonates with many who found solace in connecting with others through shared struggles during the pandemic, reinforcing the power of storytelling and empathy during challenging times.

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