Agar is about a tale of three sisters, Qurrat ul ain, a girl who lived in the shadows of her image and dignity, Hooriya, a girl who lives in a world that only sees beauty and positivity and Chandni, a girl who has lived her entire life being deprived of appreciation and under the shadows of her two elder sisters. Watch Agar as the experiences these three girls face in their life teach them the importance of balance, every Tuesday at 8PM.

The main characters of Agar are played by one of the most prominent actors in the modern drama industry. The cast includes Junaid Khan as Shahwaiz, Juggan Kazim as Annie, Hina Altaf as Hooriya, Usama Khan as Farrukh, Ali Abbas as Muthair, Hina Khawaja Bayat as Annie’s mother, Maheen Siddiqui as Chandni, Ismat Zaidi as Shahwaiz’s mother, Ahmed Randhawa as Behram, Behroze Sabzwari as Shahwaiz’s father, Hira Soomro as Zainab, Beena Masroor as Muthair’s mother, Saqib Sumeer, Fareeda Shabbir as Zainab’s mother, Salma Asim as Farrukh’s mother. With its melodious, OST Agar is already among the top favorites of people across the country.

The drama serial Agar also highlights the different aspects of parenthood as a whole. Presenting different familial situations where parents, force their children into living the life of their choosing, and how it affects their mental health and decision power in the long run. Agar as a whole encompasses all weighty themes emphasizing the strength of communication and understanding between parents and children and also the significance of considerate decisions. Watch as the experiences they face in their lives teach them the importance of balance, every Tuesday at 8 PM.